Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

For this reason, many businesses hire bookkeepers or accountants to maintain or review their books. Cloud-based online accounting software makes it convenient for businesses to access their books at the same time as their bookkeeper or accountant. Xero is the best in our review for micro-businesses that are looking for very simple accounting software. This software has a clean interface and also fully integrates with a third-party payroll service. Businesses can collect payment online from customers through Xero’s integration with Stripe and GoCardless.

  • Additionally, this digital transformation also makes it easier for employees to submit queries, and support can be better centralized for it.
  • Paychex Flex is made specifically for small businesses that need a quick and simple payroll system.
  • It even comes with a roster management tool that lets you consolidate payroll data from multiple locations.
  • We researched nearly two dozen of the best payroll services based first on the combination of features and pricing.
  • Civil penalties to the IRS amount to billions of dollars each year.

You’ll need to think about your business’s size and whether or not you’re interested in extra HR features to find the best fit. With that said, most online payroll processing software in our list are easy to use. OnPay is another good option for delivering a good user experience. The platform provides payroll for both employees and contractors—and even offers a low-cost contractor-only plan.

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Any business that employs workers, whether full-time, part-time, or by contract, should consider using payroll software. After all, submitting payroll taxes is required, so make it easier on yourself with payroll software.

Approve payroll when you’re ready, access integrated employee services, and manage everything in one place. We will only accept applications from small business owners using a commercial/business bank account for their payroll. Since our payroll software is online, you only need access to a web browser and the Internet. Need help keeping all of your COVID-19 payroll tax credits straight?

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For businesses looking for a payroll solution, QuickBooks Payroll fully integrates with QuickBooks Online. Most payroll software has moved to cloud-based solutions, so they’re by and large software-as-a-service companies. You’ll typically pay a monthly base fee, much like a subscription, which also gives you access to support, and you’ll benefit from regular updates to the software.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

It also has an employee portal to handle things like pay stubs, docs and tax forms. Finally, among many other features not mentioned, there are solid PTO tools to manage paid time off. CompensationFound in every system, this application automates payroll processing. Users assign pay rates to employees, and employee hours are entered directly or imported. The system then automatically calculates wages and generates paychecks.

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Like all of our payroll options, our small business payroll software integrates with other Paychex services through Paychex Flex to help you take your organization where it needs to go. Quickly sign up and get started with a fully online, custom payroll program for small businesses and payroll services for startups. If your small business needs human resources support that goes beyond a payroll service, Justworks could make sense, with excellent additional benefits. For a full set of features, it’s recommended to pair QuickBooks Payroll with QuickBooks Online or another compatible accounting service. ADP Run offers great features and is a little more expensive than payroll services like Gusto or Paycor. The features and prices make Gusto good value for money compared to many other payroll services.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

This means catering for full and part-time employees as well as freelance workers and contractors. Cloud-based platforms are also important since many of today’s businesses don’t always work from a central office. As an HR manager or business owner, you can simply set up your automated payroll and taxes.

Patriot Payroll

OnPay is a straightforward, all-in-one payroll and HR solution for small businesses. It comes with just one competitive price—$36 plus $4 per employee per month—that includes all services.

Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses

It was rated highly in ease of use, payroll and HR features, reporting, and popularity among users. However, its setup costs and non-transparent fees contributed to its very low rating in our pricing criteria—and users even commented that it can be expensive for small businesses. However, reviewers said they do appreciate its easy-to-use platform, adding that its payroll solution helps simplify employee pay processes.

Gusto Is The Best Overall Payroll Software Provider For Small Businesses

It is possible to enjoy excellent payroll features and capabilities in payroll software for small business. To narrow down your choices, we have compiled the 20 best payroll software for small businesses. We also paid special attention to each platform’s usability, unique functionalities, as well as the inclusions in their subscription packages. This way, you’ll get a better idea of which one will give you the most bang for your buck. Free payroll apps are a great way to save money and make the process of paying employees easier.

  • OnPay lets you pay your team the way that works best for you, whether bydirect deposit, printing paper checks, or evenprepaid debit card.
  • After you choose the payroll system that’s right for you, you’ll need to migrate a lot of data into the system for it to work.
  • This opportunity is perfect if you want to test drive a payroll solution before making a longer commitment.
  • After calculating how many hours you’d need to work at the median salary to make the median rent, we ranked the states in order of working hours required for rent.
  • Use of the Card Account is subject to activation, ID verification and funds availability.
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It offers a streamlined and secure system where you can automatically convert timesheet data into payroll. It can even be programmed to send online payslips as soon as the computations are complete.

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Best Of We’ve tested, evaluated and curated the best software solutions for your specific business needs. Accounting Accounting software helps manage payable and receivable accounts, general ledgers, Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses payroll and other accounting activities. OnPay calculates all payroll and income taxes and remits the deducted amounts to the relevant parties owed, including the Internal Revenue Service .

Your HR tasks will all be organized into one simple HRIS software suite, making it incredibly easy to find anything that you are looking for. Cluttered desks will be a thing of the past, making your job and life much easier. From the employee’s standpoint, paper checks often serve as an inconvenience. Paper checks require an employee to make a separate trip to the bank outside of work hours and possibly endure a waiting period before the funds become available.

The right payroll software can take most, if not all, of those tasks off your hands and automate everything into a simple and easy-to-use payroll solution. Payday is everybody’s favorite day of the month–unless you’re the payroll administrator. You’re likely spending half the month making sure the checks and direct deposits you send out are 100% accurate and let’s not even talk about all the calculations that have to be done beforehand.

Best Payroll Software With Hr Support For Small Business: Onpay Payroll Software

Automating these processes as much as possible is the function of an online payroll service, with some payroll services offering much more than just that. Additionally, many accounting software allows third-party application integrations. In a service-based business, a time tracking application could integrate with the accounting software to add labor to a client invoice. Wave is an ideal accounting software platform for a service-based small business that sends simple invoices and doesn’t need to run payroll. For many freelancers or service-based businesses, Wave’s free features will cover all of their accounting needs and is the best free software in our review. At year-end, accountants can pull the necessary reports from Wave to prepare a business’ tax return. The most crucial accounting need for most service-based businesses is invoicing.

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Gusto, ADP, Paycor, and Patriot earned a perfect rating in this criterion. Scoring 4.16 out of 5 in our evaluation, Paycor received high marks in nearly all of our criteria with perfect scores in reporting, HR features, and popularity among users. However, its expensive pricing and limited interface customizability prevented it from ranking higher on our list. In case your employees have emergency expenses and need early access to their salary, they can easily get the funds through the Gusto Cashout feature of the Gusto Wallet. Aside from Square Payroll and Homebase Payroll, none of the other providers on our list offer an in-house solution.